Welcome To The Way of The Horse

We are a Non-Profit Social Enterprise Supporting our Local Community. 

We have established an Equine facilitated learning programme that will provide self-help treatment for children and adults who have suffered emotional trauma. The programme provides a process of learning that can assist people with mental health problems when other conventional medical pathways have failed. The underlying principle is that horses can awaken intuition and unspoken feelings and fears that can be released via simple engagements with horses.  

  The Medicine Horse Way  

The Medicine Horse Way programs partner with the wisdom of nature in helping people take a courageous look at the unconscious patterns that limit their ability to thrive in life. Dina Shale, founder of the Way of the Horse is the only Medicine Horse Way Instructor in the UK. 

  The Horse Boy Foundation  

The Horse Boy Foundation is the brainchild of Rupert Isaacson, and grew out of his experience with his son Rowan’s autism. Dina and the team are working with Rupert and his team at the Horse Boy Foundation and are an apprentice for his work

Dina Shale

Dina Shale is the founder of the charity organisation 'The Way of The Horse' and has set out to provide a calming, peaceful environment for people to come and experience interaction with the horses.