The Way of The Horse


We are a Non-Profit Social Enterprise Supporting our Local Community. 

We are a not for profit social enterprise Equine facilitated learning company that has developed self-help programs for children and adults who have suffered emotional trauma with the assistance of our sentient friend 'The Horse'. The programmes provides a process of learning that can assist people with mental health problems when other conventional medical pathways have failed. The underlying principle is that horses can awaken intuition and unspoken feelings and fears that can be released via simple engagements with horses. We work in the community with young people and adults and visit schools helping young people with our programs. We are also beginning our journey this year working with people in their workplace with our corporate programs.

We rescue non ridden horses as we believe even after a carear in riding they have so much to give and these horses would generally be left or put to sleep. 

We also have some very poorly ponies and foals which we are helping to become well again and will rehome once they are fit and well.  People love to see a poorly animal survive and become well again and it gives people a sense of purpose to be part of that process too.  Please see our rescues and follow their progress on our social media pages