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The Way of the Horse

I just don’t know where this year has gone. The beginning of 2018 bought snow and ice and devastation to the building of the business and a lot of hard work.
The year bought changes to our team, loosing Smokey was the biggest shock of all in an unexpected bout of colic. But in the most dignified way we had him put too sleep and he went over the rain-bow bridge where his mum of 20 years was waiting. God bless his playful soul. Our new addition Harry G, came back to our family after 7 years away. Georgie’s childhood pony returned! And our new rescue foals came to stay and get fit and well.
Thankyou all those people who donated so generously. Without your donation we couldn't have done it, and they would have died for sure due to starvation and worm infestation .
Best wishes for the New Year!
Everyone at The Way of the Horse

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Our 2018 Review
This year we have been awarded funding from the lottery to work with schools across Leicestershire and use our resilience program which gave us amazing results for Brockington School, Welland Acad-emy and Lutterworth High School. Some of the students have stayed with us or gone on to volunteer with us as they enjoyed it so much.
Our new Horse Box was an addi-tion in the Spring and we were able to go out more safely and efficient-ly when travelling alone.
The Seed to Plate pilot we ran in the summer was such fun for us all. Learning how to grow our own food, foraging in the fields and Dina & Wendy cooking what we had grown. Thanks to Greggs Bakery for the funding to trial this with young people. We have since been awarded a huge poly tunnel from The Coop to continue the work teaching some very disadvantaged children how to be self sufficient in a cost effective way. The growing project will continue in spring.

New Year New Beginnings

December saw us take in our first rehoming projects. We have worked with Shelley Page at Horsewatch, and we took in 2 foals that were in need. They had been starved and needed worming and feet trimming and some general TLC. We created a GoFund me page and raised around £400.00 for the cost of helping them over this difficult time. We will be posting regular updates but I can tell you they are looking better and eating us out of house and home! We decided to call the Colt ‘Chance’ as we felt it fit his lucky escape and that we had given him a new ‘chance ‘ of life.
In December we had visited the Mia Moo foundation with Maydew dressed as a Reindeer and Buster as Santa. We thought it would be a lovely present for Mia to call our rescue after her! So our little mare will now be called ‘Mia Moo’ and we will track her progress like Mia’s!

Rescue Ranch

Although we already have many rescues, they are of the non ridden nature. Our new service of rehoming abandoned, tethered, and starving ponies and horses has been born. We will call this the Res-cue Ranch and we will be Helping Shelly and her team at Horsewatch bring in ponies and looking after them and find-ing them new loan homes. An agree-ment will be made for them and a dona-tion to help us continue the work . We have applied for a new charity status from charity commission which we are waiting to hear from and have new trus-tees and chairman on the board helping us on our journey

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