Commercial/Corporate Client Workshops.

Corporate Client Workshops On Productivity In The Work Place, The Way Of The Horse, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire

''Are You Looking For Staff Training With An Incredible Difference?''

The Way Of The Horse, provides various workshops for wellbeing to promote wellbeing inturn increasing innovation and productivity in the work place. Our corporate and commercial client workshops are held at our specially design centre in Market BosworthWarwickshire.

Our outdoor courses, will teach your staff necessary and additional skills and tools which can be used in the work place boosting moral and productivity, which inturn reduces staff churn.

Helping your business strive and thrive, by using certain techniques to encourage team building and motivation.

Did You Know:-

15.4 million work days got lost to stress, anxiety or depression in the work year of 2017/2018. 

That is 57% of all working days lost to ill health due to stress or anxiety alone.

This costs businesses between £33.4 - £43.0 Billion per year.

The Way Of The Horse's stress management and resilience training course will give you all the techniques you will need to identify stress and manage any and all stressors in the work environment.

''Our personal development training courses, have been specially written to provide you, with unique tools to help in everyday life. Not just in the work place.''

Developing Your Staff Through:

  • Increasing motivation, self-esteem and confidence. 
  • Resilience and stress management training.
  • Improving mental health in the work place.
  • Teaching you how to be an inspiring and intuitive leader and communicator. 
  • Team developement and leadership training. 
  • Increasing emotional intelligence.
Benefits Of The Way Of The Horse Corporate Client Staff Resilence And Stress And Mental Health Skills And Tools Workshops And Courses

Your Business Will Benefit From Our Specially Developed Workshops For Managers And Staff Training Due Of The Following;

  • How to identify stress through self-awareness and manage it effectively before it becomes unbearable.
  • Recognising and coping with stressors in the work place and setting boundaries.
  • Building individual resilience through emotion regulation, constructing an internal locus of control, manifesting healthy self-esteem, thought patterns and cognitive restructuring/reframing.
  • Development of team resilience by improving cohesion, managing set-backs and being a resilience and enhancing leader.
  • Teaching tools to upskilll staff and help them to work better as a team. Learning self and team motivation skills, helping to improve productivity and performance.
  • Teaching you to be in tune with your team's mental state. As well as enabling managers to recognise early signs of common mental health conditions arising in members of staff. 
  • Hands on interactive and engaging ways of learning, with new and exciting ways of team building exercises. As well as enabling you to deal with your team's different behaviours and attitudes.
  • Developing tools and skills for communicating with your staff as well as your own body's 'Gut Instinct'. In turn, helping you know if you need to make changes in your own management style.
  • Learning to interpret your staff's body language and mood, making you aware of how best to approach each individual member of staff.
  • Learn how to interpret yours and other emotions and feelings as information. So you can make immediate changes and improvements to help you and others strive in the work place. 
  • Improving staff and team satisfaction, attendance ratings, and increase of work rate.

Current Workshops;

(However we also design tailor made workshops to meet your individual requirements)

Discovery Day Corporate Client Staff And Managers Workshops With The Way Of The Horse.

Discovery Day:

This one day introductory course will include, physical and practical outdoors activities such as;

  1. Body Scanning.
  2. Herd Watching.
  3. Boundary Exercises.

As well as much more fun, hands on learning. These tools will enable you and your managers to coach, inspire and motivate their staff to help strive for the companies success.

Wounded Warrior:

This course has been specially developed to help encourage and support managers. Guiding you how to lead your team more confidently, whilst also enabling you with a stronger mental wellbeing. Strenghtening bonds within the team.

We will be raising awareness and the understanding of mental wellbeing. This will enable your managers to recognise their teams mental state as a whole, as well as being capable of picking up early warning signs of mental health conditions. 

In turn this will help them to support and manage their team in an appropriate way. Further more it will help your managers, to find interactive and engaging ways, of developing their staff into a hard working and productive team.  

Staff And Manager Courses And Workshops For Corporate And Commercial Clients For Team Building Stress Managment And Innovation In The Workplace  - Here At The Way Of The Horse

"These powerful and empowering workshops will help you get the most out of you, your team and your business."

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    For More Information:

    We would love to welcome you or your manager/s on to our yard. Sharing our workplace skills and tools with you. To help you further develop and grow your business. No matter how large or how small. We can help you with managing, motivating and maintaining a healthy and striving work place and team.

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