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The Way Of The Horse is a non-profitable social enterprise. We are facilitated equine learning company that has developed various different courses, programs and workshops. 

The Way Of The Horse - Horse Therapeutic Center For Life Lessons And Disability Sessions Call 07714269218

We run programs for children as well as adults, that suffer from various disabilities. Also for a wide range of challanges that they are facing and struggling with in day to day life. Include suffering from emotional trauma. We do this with the assistance of our sentient friend 'The Horse'.

Our various programmes provides a entirely different style of learning. This can help assist people with mental health problems when other more conventional and medical pathways have failed them. The underlying principle is that horses can awake intuition, as well as, unspoken feelings and fears that can be released via simple engagements with horses.

Supporting Our Local Community A VIP visit to our yard by Mike Kapur OBE

Special Visit From The Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire Showing His Support For The Work We Do Here At The Way Of The Horse.

We first established The Way Of The Horse in 2015. (For more information view Our Journey). Beginning with helping children and adults with mental health conditions. Then we began to go out to the community, taking our small ponies into Nursing Homes and Pre-Schools. 

Last year we began a new part of our journey, bringing out new workshops and courses for corporate clients. Helping them in the work place, handling and coping with other staff members, team building, resilience training and much more.

Rescue Horses - Rescuing People!

We use a wide range of different horses, all rescues from one place or another. Some just abandoned in feilds, tethered and left. Some badly treated, starved and afflicted. 

Some have even lived a long careered life, being loved during that time of purpose to there owner, treated well loved and luxury life style. To then when retired to left unridden, unloved and alone in the feild or stable.

Either way we believe strongly that such wonderful, beautiful, majestic animals deserve to be loved, looked after and associated with daily. Even after a career in riding these beauty beings have so much love to give. So we give them the home to recieve that love and respect they deserve. 

Other wise they get left or even worse put to sleep, when they no longer show purpose to their owners.