Services for Individuals

We offer you the opportunity to come and experience horses in a way that many riding centres do not allow. You will see how horses interact in their own environment and this allows you to learn from the horses interaction and natural behaviour. We also use reflective work designed by Linda Kohenov, Author of 'The Tao of Equus'.

We offer sessions that are on the ground, where you will 'herd watch' to see the interaction of the horses in their natural environment, as well as learn key skills such as how to look after the horses along with sessions in the round pen and arena doing simple but effective exercises that will help you to learn about boundaries and leadership.

Our approach to working with horses offers you a powerful way of building confidence and empowerment. It will help you to feel and understand your intuition. We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to find out more about us working with you to develop a programme to suit your needs.


Sessions 1 Hour One to One

Sessions 1.5 hours for 1 - 6 people POA
Sessions 3 hours POA One to One (week day)
sessions 6 hour to include lunch POA (week day only)
Each sessions will include 6-10 weeks tailored to the client

HorseBoy sessions are run at the weekend.. a typical session will include games with the horses, horseback learning with music and time in the sensory room. These sessions are run at the weekend only.(weather Permitting)

Sensory room sessions can be arranged separately. POA