Meet The Team

Dina Shale

Dina Shale is the founder of 'The Way of The Horse' and has set out to provide a calming, peaceful environment for people to come and experience interaction with the horses. Dina is the only Medicine Horse Way Instructor in the UK.

Derek Shale

Dina's husband Derek helps out and provides support and encouragement to the team, while expanding his knowledge of the horses and their unique ability to bring happiness and healing to others.

Emma Lethbridge

Emma is one of the Directors at The Way of the Horse

As a diligent postdoctoral researcher with a PhD in cognitive neuropsychology, MPhil in neurology and behaviour and BSc (Hons) 2.1 in neuroscience from the University of Sussex, Emma has in-depth knowledge of both psychology and neuroscience, as well as eight years’ research experience.

A published author and experienced presenter, Emma is passionate and effective when disseminating both knowledge and research findings.  Emma will be working with us in 2019 running corporates programs.  please see her website for more information.

Georgie Hooton

Dina with her daughter Georgie - Georgie works part time to help at the yard with the children at the weekends & Holidays.

Georgie is at University training to be an English teacher.


Sasha is an important part of the Way of the Horse family.

Her skills include barking, wagging and she is very good at cuddles


Is our hansom black Military Horse standing at 16'2. He has been in the cavalry since he was 5 years old, is retired and was given to us to work with children.

He is the kindest, sweetest horse and very safe around young children and adults. He is ridden and loves hacking out and loves fuss and attention

Little Harry

Little Harry is age 13. He is very aloof, not bothered by fuss, likes to do his job and eat. I have had him 4 years. He had previously been a working hunter champion with his previous owners and my daughter had him for hacking out and jumping. A real confidence giver and very safe. He now works with autistic children and our Horseboy method and adults with low level mental health issues.

He is driven by food and carrots...


Maydew is one of our resident cheeky Shetlands. She is very sweet, caring and patient. She works a lot with children at liberty and also on lead rein and loves being with people more than horses.

She also accompanies Dina to schools, colleges, playgroups. and residential care homes where she helps support young people with mental health issues, helps prevent social isolation in the elderly community and generally bring a smile to everyone's face who she meets.

Smokey -passed away on 16th October 2018

Smokey was one of our first rescues from a facebook advertisement looking for a home for him. He had been with a lovely lady for 20 years and she had become ill and her family could no longer look after Smokey.


is a Welsh section A former games pony who is now retired from riding, and accompanies Dina on her school visits where is cheeky inquisitive nature is a hit with all the kids. He is such a likeable cheeky chap everyone loves him.


is Dina's own horse who came to her after the untimely passing of her special horse "Big Harry" in July 2017.

Shadow is an ex riding school pony who is a true gentleman and has a lovely nature. He has a particular connection with Dina and he is quickly becoming a very important member of our heard.


is our "Mr Steady Eddie" he doesn't go anywhere fat and he is a proper gentle fella. Barney is also a retired riding school pony who has found a second career bringing comfort and happiness to our visitors.

The Shetlands

These two adorable Shetlands are a family.  Mum is Star and our cheeky boy buster.  Star is in her twenties and buster is 11.