Resilience Training

Resilience Tools Training

For young people

What is resilience?  Too often life is too busy and there is not time to enjoy things happen Your too busy thinking about that needs doing tomorrow and your caught up with thoughts about what did or didn’t happen yesterday.  Your mind is chattering with commentary and judgement.

 But thinking is not the enemy.  It’s essential to your life.  Your mind is able to think back and reflect on past events and experiences and learn from those experiences and you can reflect with pleasure on the good times.  Your mind can also think about the future.  It can plan and look forward to forthcoming events.


Resilience Training...

The Way of the Horse Therapeutic Centre is a successful Equine Facilitated Learning Centre using rescued ponies and horses to help young people with mental health and wellbeing issues.
We are proud to be able to offer new adapted 10-week learning sessions in customer’s own premises. We deliver bespoke social, emotional and wellbeing support into Schools and Colleges.
We work with young people from 8 to 19 years of age by using a variety of reflective and practical techniques either with or without the use of our ponies.

Designed and developed by Dina using her Eponaquest training from the United States, this ten week course is based around visits to schools and colleges with and without the Ponies to present personal growth and change learnt behavioural patterns.

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