Our Approach

The Medicine Horse Way

The Medicine Horse Way approach to Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is an interactive, innovative learning format that actively engages horses in the work of advanced human development. We teach personal empowerment, authentic community building, mindfulness and connection with nature and all beings of the earth.

We also teach the connection with intuition/inner guidance, the role of spirituality in life's path, and emotional/social intelligence skills. Our intention is to assist and support clients in learning a new way of being, one that emphasizes authenticity, collaboration and experimentation, to 'Be the Change We Want to See in the World'.

In ancient times Original People learned to survive by observing the animals and learning from the plants. One could say that nature and animals were the first teachers and guides for human evolution.

The Medicine Horse Way helps people take a courageous look at the unconscious patterns that limit their ability to thrive in life by partnering with nature. Special attention is given to creating an enviroment that is safe and respectful of the needs, ideals, and vulnerabilities of both human and animal participants.

Dina has just finished training training with Carol Roush from the USA and is the only Medicine Horse Way Instructor in the UK.

Carol is a Master instructor of the Eponaquest techniques and is running the European Team Training which she founded in 2003. Her work is like no other and you can read about her on her website https://medicinehorseway.com/