Short Courses


Short Parenting awareness course

With one in four children now with mental health issues isn’t it time we educated ourselves better to help them?

Have you noticed a change in your son/daughter recently?

Is your child becoming disruptive/aggressive in school?

Is your child exhibiting a change in their temperament?

We are offering a number of introductory workshops for parents, carers & adults to help them understand, interpret & manage their child's emotional development in this ever changing world!

At our centre in Lutterworth we are offering-
- A two hour group session of up to 8 people
- An hour session for two weeks for parents, carers and individuals - Dates TBC

The course is based upon similar methods successfully used in schools and colleges throughout the region.  This is initially for parents/carers/adults and additional courses for children will be released soon. 


What are emotions and feelings?


Do your children understand why they feel anger/anxiety?

Be aware of your own feelings and how these affect your family and animals?

Help your children understand exactly what they feel and to talk about it without feeling judged!

The Way of the Horse Therapeutic Centre

Lutterworth Grange Barn

Leicester Road


LE17 4LX